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Food Safety Consulting

As a Food Safety Advisor my job is to help your food business to build and implement a Food Safety Plan. Without judgement, I am here to help teach and guide you and your staff on food safety and AHS protocols. When you put a food safety plan in place, your staff can refer back to it if there is a problem and will have to most up to date information.

With all the safety precautions being taken this will add peace of mind to your staff and customers, knowing you have taken extra care to make sure everyone is safe.

What does a Food Safety Plan entail?

· Managing food safety

· Employee Hygiene

· Purchase, Delivery and Storage

· Control of Food Hazards

· Review of recipes for potential hazards

· Cooking, thawing, cooling and reheating procedures

· Cross Contamination

· Sanitation

Reach out to find out how we can help you and your food business keep everyone safe.


Food Safety Training

Everyone who works in the food industry should take a Food Safety Training course. Whether you are server, busboy or a cook, know the ins and outs of Food Safety is key to keeping you, the staff and your customers safe.

Especially now that safety is top priority in every aspect.

Reach out today to find out how to can book your training TODAY!

Business Coaching

Have you always dreamed of opening your own food business? Owned a business for awhile but need a little help with pivoting? Are you a seasoned owner and would like to bounce new ideas?

I am here to help guide you on your journey towards success!

Whatever stage you are in I have a program for you! Or if you just want to a one hour coaching call I have an hourly rate as well!

So what are you waiting for? Take the leap of faith and reach out today!

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Stephanie has helped me and guided me on the process to get to my goal in opening a restaurant. Her experiences have made it much easier for someone who doesn’t know where to begin with starting up a restaurant or bakery. If she doesn’t know or can’t answer it, you know she will go out of her way to find someone that can. Stephanie's personality, drive to make your dream become reality and have it succeed. Gives you more drive to push on through when it feels hard. Also she talks and teaches you about self care being a business owner, which I think is one of the best things I have learned.


When we started our baking social enterprise, we had little experience in the culinary world, let alone trying to operate a food business. We were grateful to have Stephanie provide mentorship and guidance in starting and operating a baking business. She adapted her approach based on our unique circumstances, sharing her years of experience in the food industry. She was hands-on, personable, and willing to help us in anyway she could. Since our sessions ended, she has continued to offer support as we have needed. Thanks, Stephanie!

Clark Hardy, Founder, Trinity Youth Project

When I first met Stephanie, with her ability to listen well, insight and intuitive personality she could see that I was ‘stuck.’ My brain was on a revolving carrousel of negative thoughts and emotions from past experiences that I couldn’t seem to shake. With practical tools for my ‘homework’ and relevant ideas, Stephanie was able to help me see my circumstances in a new light. I was able to view my past experiences with a positive perspective that could only benefit me going forward into the next chapter of my life. I highly recommend anyone to reach out to Stephanie for life coaching. She is personable, down-to-earth, always encouraging and patient. I believe she works at a standard of excellence which absolutely has made an impactful change in my life. Even tho I am her client (who received a very affordable service) I now consider her as a friend also

Valerie - Sweet Pea Pies

Where to even begin...

Stephanie has been an invaluable asset for me and my company. Being a newer business owner I was in need of guidance in many facets of my business, specifically the baking business.  Stephanie broke down my many steps into manageable tasks to ensure I was learning and understanding throughout the coaching sessions.  She helped me with my budgeting/costing (I was in desperate need!), time management, vision and goals for my business, and a host a more critical areas, too many to list.  I highly recommend Stephanie and her company as a strong support for not only your company but personally.  Thank you Stephanie for helping me focus on the continued growth of my company and setting me up for success.

Judi - Loaf Me