Goal Setting for 2021

Well my friends we made it to 2021.  What now? 

Have you started making your goals for 2021?  I only started a couple of days ago.  Usually I have my goals already written down before the beginning of the year but this year it took a lot of soul searching for me to sit down and write them out.  With the year we had last year I found it extremely hard to write my goals down in fear that I would never achieve them.  But I reminded myself that the goals I set now are not the goals I will have by the end of the year and the goals I had set for myself last year I achieved most of them, that in itself was an accomplishment.  I also added some I didn't even consider at the beginning of the year and got rid of some that didn't make any sense to continue with them. 

As entrepreneurs our businesses are evolving and growing each day.  We learn something new or change things to improve our business. You see if we didn't evolve how would we as people or our businesses ever grow? Imagine having the same goals every year?  Wouldn't that be boring?

Goals are an important part of running a business, it like a map to success or failure (experience).  I use the word failure (experience) because not every idea or product is going to be successful but unless we try we would never know.  And if we didn't try we'd still experience failure, because we didn't try.  So setting new goals and trying new things allows us and our business to grow and evolve.

I will leave you with this quote from Albert Einstein that I absolutely love;

"Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow"