• What is it I want? What are you looking to achieve?  Opening up a restaurant, bakery, or sell your products at Farmer's Markets. Already have a food business but need help setting goals and achieving them?
    • How much should I pay? Coaching is an investment in you and your business. You'll also need to be prepared to invest your time and have  patience in the process.  
      • Do I prefer structure or more of an open approach? I do offer programs, but they are always customizable to your needs.  I like to stay on track with the programs as we have a lot of content to cover. However, life can sometimes get in the way and I am always open to discuss any issues at hand. 
      • Have other clients seen results? Please read the testimonials on my website?
      • Will I as your coach give you advice? The answer is no.  I am here to guide you so you can achieve your goals and have all your dreams come true. I will help you unlock all your abilities and talents that are within you.
      • How do I know who the right coach is for me?  There is only one way to find out and that is to give it a chance. Trusting your coach is big and if you don't there are always other coaches out there to choose from. Not everyone's personalities are going to work well together and that is okay!
      • Do coaches have their own coach? Yes. Always.  I have a business coach that helps me with business and I go see a psychologist for my mental health (just like exercising)
      • How should you feel about coaching? This should be an exciting time for you as you are beginning this journey with a coach that you have chosen.  Someone who will bring out your talents, confidence and support you through this amazing journey. Have fun and enjoy every minute of it!